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The ultimate in poker software is here. Get every bit of gameplay information you'll ever need within a single customizable Heads Up Display - SuperHUD.

Powered by three of PokerProLabs' industry leading software and statistics solutions - Hold'Em Profiler, Tournament Shark, and Poker Calculator - Super HUD is the last customizable poker HUD you'll ever need. The edge is clear - are you ready for the Super HUD advantage?

PPL Product Features

Cloud Based

All your data is automatically synced to our cloud.No more dealing with databases, no more space limitation and most important: Never ever lose your data again!

Automatic back Up

We back up your data and make sure you never run out of space. Upload as many hands as you want – there are no limits!

Floating License

Access and browser your data from any device as long as you have an internet connection. Only one license is needed!

Why do I need Super HUD?

All information in one HUD

  • Super HUD
  • =
  • Holdem Profiler
  • +
  • Tournament Shark
  • +
  • Poker Calculator Pro
  • Collect and analyze deep statistics behind your opponents' play as well as your own in real-time. Everything from basic statistics such as VPIP and PFR to most complex information available online is right at your fingertips.
  • Instantly retrieve information on players you're sitting with including ROI, average buy-ins, win/ loss histories, finishing positions, and much more - even if you've never played with them before. We track over 30 million players and draw from a pool of over 500 million unique tournament results.
  • See winning percentages, hand strengths, odds, outs needed, and more hand by hand. Run over 10,000 simulations per second on specific hands and determine the best plays to make in tough spots, likely hand outcomes, as well as important information on your opponents including Aggression Factor quotients, VP$IP stats, skill ratings, and more.
  • Enjoy every Super HUD feature via full PPL Cloud integration - no statistics, player information, or play histories are stored locally so none of the data you depend on is ever at risk of being lost or deleted. All your data is automatically backed up and accessible from any computer you wish - do it your way.

Super HUD Pricing


200 Daily Searches
Tournament Shark


600 Daily Searches
Tournament Shark, Hold’em Profiler


5000 Daily Searches
Tournament Shark, Hold’em Profiler, Poker Calculator Pro